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  • Corporate Functions
  • Product Launches
  • Birthday Parties
  • Christenings
  • Concerts

No matter what function you are putting on, whether it is corporate function, concert or family event you will have put a lot of effort into the arrangements.You will want 'the big' day to be as good as is possible.

Music can enhance your event by providing an atmosphere in which the function can really flourish. It is for this reason that film producers, TV producers and advertisers, in most cases, have music as a background to their work. There are very few films, TV shows and adverts which have no music to accompany them. Music works for them - it can work for you too.

The Aviva string Quartet can provide the music you need for your event from their extensive repertoire, or even make special arrangements of musical themes, which you deem appropriate to your occasion.

The music from a string quartet is much less intrusive than canned music from a loudspeaker, which can drown conversations with important guests, clients or family members.

Music played by the Aviva String Quartet can bathe your whole event in beautiful music, giving your event an enhanced quality but without intefering with the main purpose of the event.

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