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Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life.

Naturally you will want your wedding to be as perfect as possible.
After all, your wedding won't happen every day of the week.

. You will spend a lot of time before your wedding choosing an appropriate wedding venue, dresses for the bride and bridesmaids, wedding cars, flowers, wedding cake, wedding present list,food for the reception and a specialist wedding photographer.You may even think it worthwhile to appoint a professional wedding organiser.

You will also choose a honeymoon destination, where you will spend the first few days of married life.

When arranging a wedding, many people forget how important the music should be; music during the ceremony and music during the reception. After all the trouble you will have taken with other arrangements, canned music from a loudspeaker tends to be rather out of place.

The Aviva Ensemble - a professional string quartet play all kinds of music from the Beatles to Beethoven to Bollywood.For Bollywood music please see the Bollywood page on the website.

The quartet has played at literally hundreds of weddings throughout London, and the Home Counties over 10 years. A String Quartet, such as the Aviva Ensemble, enhances the atmospere of a wedding celebration by providing beautiful music, in a beautiful venue, for a loving couple and their special friends, on a very, very special day.

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